Hey, call me Dee!
I love swimming, sports, listening to music (TobyMac/NF) and hanging out with my awesome friends! And most of all I love Jesus!!

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade!

Speak Life to the Deadest Darkest Night!

On my darkest days, when I'm losing faith, no it ain't gonna change. I just need I just need You!

If you want love you gonna have to go through the pain!

"They say pain is a prison, let me out of the cell"

“I just need some time, I’m tryna think straight. I just need a moment in my own space. Ask me how i'm doing i say OK but ain't that what we all say– NF

“If you made a list of people that you trusted would you put your name down?” –NF

I don't live for the world i live for the KING! -NF

Yeah, I'm a big NF fan all of a sudden!

When you See a Red Light. . . *PLEASE REVIEW* *EDITED VERSION*

August 6, 2022

  "Ugh, a red light," I muttered under my breath, "I got no time for this!"

  . . .
  "We have a 21 year old male in ICU with a decreased level of conciseness and a severe head injury."
  "How's his pulse?"

  "Hey Jaron."
  "Hey. Wait! How do you know me? Why do you look just like me, but like older?"
  "I'm your future self, and I've transported here to warn you not to make the same mistakes as me. When you see a red light, always stop!"
  "Hey wait! older me where'd you go?" 

  12 years later:

  "Ugh, a red light" I muttered under my breath.

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