magpies in may


Introverted American of Korean descent
Trilingual, likes history/debate/jigsaw puzzles
Terrible at sports
I’m an ARMY. 보라해~

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The Kaffeeklatsch

August 7, 2022

    Steam from the coffee clouded her glasses as her fingers tangoed across the keyboard, spelling out her question. Her thumb hovered over the deck of cards.
    Self, situation, challenges.
    The Hermit, Temperance, The Hierophant.
    Jennie hovered over her in her blue waitress’s uniform. “I told you to stop online tarot.”
    “I have an interview.”
    “It might be healthier to identify your own feelings. I hear interviewers like that best.”
    Iris bit her lip. She barely knew her feelings—she only wanted to know what to expect.
    The “Free Reading NOW!” button flashed invitingly.
    She brought her thumb down.


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  • wicked_annabella

    Loved how playful this was and how you managed to paint such a lovable character with only 99 words. The atmosphere and tone were perfectly placed in here, it was light and pleasant but also hinted at deeper feelings at the same time. An absolute joy to read :)

    2 days ago
  • The Ravenclaw Dragon

    This is great! I love the title- using further exploration, I found it means "coffee gossip". It just adds to the story in a way you couldn't have done with writing it in English. Keep on writing!

    Re: Thank you! Also, that's cool how you can spin fairy tale into reality, I never realized that before!

    2 days ago
  • Blank Notebook

    I love this! Awesome work, I have a review in progress. :)

    6 days ago