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By: Extrasweet

    The waves crash against my knees. Just with a simple slice, a broken seashell cuts my knee, making the water swirl with blood red. I quickly get out of the water, grasping the shell that cut me tight in my hand.
    I storm back home and tell my mom. “A worthless broken shell cut my knee! I hate it!”
    Mom shakes her head. “No, it’s worth something. It cut your knee, after all.” She replies.
    I stare at her. “But it’s just a shell.”
    Mom nods as if that explained everything.“Exactly.”

Message to Readers

Hi everyone! Good luck for anyone who’s entering!

Peer Review

The short sentences that the mother says are the best part of this piece. Worth liking it just for that. :)

The idea that the child (I'm assuming a girl here, but I could be wrong) hates the shell is very well established in the first portion, making a beautiful set up for the mother's cryptic statement.

Nothing was left unexplained except the mother's words, which I'm just going to ignore since it's very obvious that it is intentional.

This is a very well-done piece. I did notice a few grammar issues, but those are easily fixed. Over all, a lovely job.

Reviewer Comments

Presents a deep idea in few words. In that way, it's like poetry.