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Begin Again

By: yapyapxy


Life has no real
beginning, a story
holds many starts

Friendship is a lifelong
puzzle, family 
a language, love an art

Each leaves footprints
and perhaps a few of them cut

But don’t be afraid, don’t
fear scabs and blood —
here’s to learning again, dearest
patchwork-mended heart

Message to Readers

second version; thank you for stopping by to read :')

Would "family/a language, love an art" be clearer with "family/is a language, love is an art"?

Peer Review

"Each leaves footprints." This line really shows the power of friendship, family, and the one thing that binds them together -love. The line also serves as an explanation of the legacy each leaves behind, as well as the impact they have on an individual. Thank for really revealing the poetry behind our values.

After reading the piece, I really felt a greater appreciation for myself. The details add to the value of a human story and how meaningful it can be once we let go of our deepest fears and learn from our past mistakes.

Have you had the same experience of having to 'begin again' at any point in your life?

Reviewer Comments

This piece is so genuine and poetic! There are also so many hidden messages that I would not have even thought about if I didn't read it for the second time such as "Life has no real beginning" and "Don't fear scabs and blood." These lines really add to the overall message of the piece and show the raw power of starting over and learning from our mistakes. If I were to add anything I would include more examples of what we fear in life as well as what other things do we value/ and believe to be true.Overall, the piece really is a wonderful ode to human nature and starting over, thank you for giving such a refreshing topic that we can all relate to.