Peer Review by Shanti (New Zealand)

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Begin Again

By: yapyapxy


Life has no real
beginning, a story
holds many starts

Friendship is a lifelong
puzzle, family 
a language, love an art

Each leaves footprints
and perhaps a few of them cut

But don’t be afraid, don’t
fear scabs and blood —
here’s to learning again, dearest
patchwork-mended heart

Message to Readers

second version; thank you for stopping by to read :')

Would "family/a language, love an art" be clearer with "family/is a language, love is an art"?

Peer Review

"Each leaves footprints" It really resonated with my own experiences of relationships and family.

Hopefulness, for sure. This is a poem about healing and making meaning out of your life, and you remind me that despair and awfulness is temporary.

what inspired these metaphors?

Reviewer Comments

I really enjoyed reading this poem; I think it resonates on many levels. The line breaks felt a little random, so you might want to think about why you chose to hit enter at those moments. I also found the phrases linked by a comma in the first two stanza's a bit puzzling; how are they linked? Can you make that clear? And what purpose does the comma serve? Good job, though, I'm excited to see where this goes.