Maeghan Bielski

I am 17 and have always loved both reading and writing. J.K Rowling and Margaret Mitchell are two of my favorite authors and one day I hope to become as amazing a writer as they are.

Message to Readers

Any kind of feedback is great! I want to keep improving my writing :)


June 26, 2015



The wild wind tossed and turned,

Creating a torrent of wisps and whirls,

Flowing through trees and vasts oceans, effortlessly.

It bites of branches, rips leaves from their perches;

Birds tumble through the sky, cartwheel after cartwheel...

Clouds stretch out, thin strips of cotton,

Small boats rock, backwards and forwards, side to side;

And in the clearing, where tall grass blows,

A small little boy stumbles over,

The wild wind whips by...

He lies spreadeagled,

Softly snoring. Asleep

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