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This is an edited version of Hunger Matters. I added some more information. Thank you so much for your feedback.

Hunger Matters

February 26, 2017


         Stopping world hunger is what matters to me. Everyday I know that I will  eat ,but some people aren't ever sure if they will get even a bite a day. Having to wonder if you're going to eat is sad ,and it must be painful. Without food people would die in about three weeks.According to United Nations about 21,000 people die because of hunger each year.That's one person every four seconds,and most of the people who die are children. I want there to be more food shelters around my community and around the world so people can get the food and nutrients they need. I don't think having people die of hunger is what we want for the world. As you can see, stopping world hunger is what matters to me.

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1 Comment
  • AddyG

    Such a moving writing. I agree that we should stop world hunger.

    over 3 years ago