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June 26, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes

  1. Three quirks or idiosyncrasies.

-Always touching/playing with my hair

-I always check my closet before I go to sleep!

-I love Ina Garten and her cookbooks. Sometimes I just read through them for fun and I went to watch her speak in Boston. Note: The audience was mostly moms.

  1. Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.




  1. Three adjectives your family would use (after asking my mom)




  1. Three things about you that very few people know.

-Although I like TV shows as much as the next person, I am incapable of “binge-watching”

-If I were to have a career in science, I would choose marine biology.

-My favorite things to write about are my own experiences and my extended family.

  1. Three beliefs you hold.

-Welcoming everyone’s ideas (in almost any given setting), no matter their background, ethnicity, gender, age, or GPA

-Doing things you’re passionate about is more important than doing things for an application or resume

-The key to eloquence is reading often.

  1. Three questions you have.

-What will it be like when the children of this generation (the next generation) can search their parent’s social media pages from when they were teenagers?

-What Utopian society book will our future society most closely resemble?

-When and how will the cure for cancer be found?

  1. Three specific physical descriptions (the particular shape of your front teeth, the color of your palms, the curve of your spine).

-Eyes that are so dark brown that it is hard to distinguish the eye color and the pupil

-Olive skin tone peppered with freckles

-Straight, thin, brown hair that does not hold a messy bun

  1. Three flaws.

-Because I’m the oldest, I often butt in to my sibling’s business a little too much.

-Balancing commitments/organization

-Too controlling at times

  1. Three favorites.

-Favorite food that I will eat at any time of day: Ice Cream

-Favorite place: Block Island, RI

-Favorite animal: Dogs (or Dolphins)

  1. Three pet peeves.

-People who sit on their phones when they are with friends, family, or just too much in general.

- Close-mindedness

- Pessimism

  1. Three sources of comfort.

-Walking my dog

-Spending time with my cousin or best friends

-Writing, of course!


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