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Lindsay Maher

Character Study: Ellie

June 26, 2015

PROMPT: Inventory


Elie (Eleanor) James

Age 22

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Wuthering Heights Tote bag:

1. Cracked silver iPod nano (4th generation) with earbuds

2. Long sleeved navy blue cardigan

3. Reese’s cup wrappers

4. A copy of Les Miserables, written in French

5. Small package of tissues

6. A blue pen

7. An ID case that contains her license, recently “expired” college ID, and a wallet sized photo of her brother

8. Barely-used red lipstick

9. Sixteen dollars (A ten, a five, and a one)

10. A coupon for $20 off first Uber ride, crumpled beneath her book


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