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"Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips." MJ Bush
Be the person you can only be. Write what only you can write. Never look back. You have something that you and only you can put into the world. So don't hold it back. Let it shine!

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You'll Be Alright

February 24, 2017


Something was leaking from the walls, like tears sobbing from one's face. The gray fumes curled from the wall's creases like snakes quietly slithering from their nests. Maelee was panicking, her shoes clopping like a stampeding horse against the mossy cobblestone. She was talking, but Bruce didn't hear her. He watched the gray smoke, watched it writhe like a palpitating moth. His eyes were wide, his heart fluttering.
"Maelee," He whispered sheepishly. "Calm down."
"No-no-no-no-no-no! This can't be happeni-I didn't say bye to mom this morning, I-"
"Mae!" She stopped, her feet finally quiet. Bruce took a shallow breath. "It's OK. We'll make it out. I promise."
Maelee shook her head in despair. "No-no we won't. It's useless. There's no way out!"
Bruce stared at her, his lungs rasping from the acid that was poisoning him. "Get up on my back," He said calmly, bending down near one of the walls. "I'll boost you up."
"It's not goi-"
"It'll work. Just get on." He was huffing now, his nostrils flaring with effort. Maelee stepped on his back, her lightweight body seeming incredibly heavy on his shoulders. Bruce concentrated on her breathing, strained to listen to her shoes scrape against the wall, listened to her grunt as she hoisted herself over and onto the plateau above.
"C'mon!" She yelled and held out her hand. "I'll pull you up!"
"Go—I'll be up there in a minute! You'll be alright!"
Bruce heard her shoes tap. He took a shaky breath and leaned against the mucky wall, praying she would make it to safety. He smiled sadly, knowing she'd be alright, then took one last breath, letting the toxic fumes consume him.


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