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Hopeless romantic
Equally hopeless Fangirl™️
Early senior
The Lumineers
Bird lover
Fascinated by Great Britain
Love M. Night Shyamalan movies
In love with Rami Malek

Message to Readers

Whoa...throwback!! This was one of my first few WtW pieces.

I Will Always Love The Jellyfish

December 14, 2018

I am on my first field trip in 9th grade; the aquarium. Many of the kids in my class are bored, but not me. My backpack holds my camera to take pictures to show my little sister. As I watch the jellyfish float through the water, I decide that they are my favorite animal. Suddenly a memory surfaces of my father placing me on his shoulders to see the animals better when I was four years old, before I was old enough to start school. I smile, remembering how I'd told him they would always be my favorite... 


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