Peppermint Lemonade

United States

"I still fall on my face sometimes and I
Can't color inside the lines 'cause
I'm perfectly incomplete
I'm still working on my masterpiece and I
I wanna hang with the greatest gotta
Way to go, but it's worth the wait"

Fluid Ink

February 22, 2017


An idea sparks,
Pictures of another world,
Visions created by imagination,
Blossoming thoughts like flowers.

Pouring words out of my pen,
Fluid sentences slipping off the end
Leaving traces on paper. 
Breathing out literature
Like a second nature. 

Ink to paper.
Idea to story.
Person to writer. 
Paragraphs to book. 

People walk out of imagination,
and step onto the pages.
Lives never really lived,
just imagined. 


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