Peer Review by David Levitsky (United States)

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My Moon

By: Ricé

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

Every time I look at it,

my moon never fails

to make me feel

a little sad


Peer Review

I liked the possession that you used. Many poems refer to the moon as some distant object, but you made the moon personal to you. I enjoyed that, because the moon evokes different and unique feelings in each person.

Melancholy. There are many different ways to interpret this sort poem. I personally thought about why the moon would make me sad, and came up with the reason that I could never quite be with it. I liked how you were ambiguous with why the moon made you feel a little sad, as it gives room for readers to fill in the ambiguity that you provide us.

Reviewer Comments

This poem in just five lines shows the moon in a new light (no pun intended haha). Making the moon your own, you took on this prompt in a different and unique way. Shaping out the rest of the poem, you left much to interpretation, allowing room for readers to have the poem resonate with them. Going forward, one suggestion that I have would be to work on showing and not telling when it comes to verbs. All in all, this was a great read!