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Florice: The Return

August 18, 2015

Have you heard of Florice? If you are a native of the world of Commers (as we call the people who don’t know anything about us) you might not know about Florice. Legends keep forming in the kingdom of Florice, a large populous nation of fifteen million and a place where wizardry was born.
Though not as large as any other land in Earthania, Florice is considered to be the second most well-to-do continent after Bridgemill. Wizards, Dragons, Tribols, Samarians, Trolls, Dwarfs even Commers and many more races live together, I won’t say peacefully, but they sure get along. Florice is not only known for its euphoric people but also for its countless stories of bravery. It is mainly a Commers-dominated land, but, however there is quite a population of wizards as well. If we take the total population to be 100% then only 10% are Arcana Bearers (Nobles or wizards)! This nation is a free-to-roam continent with many beautiful cities; one of them is the city of Pryden (the capital) and this is where our story starts.
Kannazuki family was the pride and power of Pryden. Its courtyard was situated at the near centre of the city. This family took care of everything including the working of Florice and had a supreme head named Arthur Kannazuki.  Why you ask? Well, obviously he was the most powerful person in the whole family and no one ever dared question his decision. Family members of the Kannazuki’s were of a vast variety. Well, that was because Kannazuki’s consisted of people bearing the Arcana Mark. All of these were actually adopted as many of them were hit by a tragedy or were ill-treated because “they had the power to change destinies”. All except 2 of them including Arthur’s only daughter Erica. The work of authors for centuries was always to bring forth spicy tales from the past for reliving it in the present, so that those who had made a difference could be acknowledged, so their story will not only remain a story but will become a legend to be remembered always. So here it is for you to relive it a tale of bravery, cousinhood, the warmth and love of FAMILY! So read on folks!
“Excuse me, Sir” asked a girl to a vegetable seller. The vegetable seller looked up to the girl. “Can I help you Sir?” The girl continued. “Oh if it isn’t the princess I would be very glad if you can help me. Some people from your family really like to fall down from the roof.”“Sir, please don’t get angry, he was catching the thief and this was the shortest route, I will help you out.”“I’ll be forever grateful, child.” the vendor sighed.
The Alicia Street’s biggest vegetable shop was in a mess, all vegetables were scattered here and there, and it was as if the shop was struck by a cyclone! Such accidents often happened by the stormy lad of the Kannazuki’s -Romeo. “Good Heavens! He never does anything right, instead he increases the work, that Romeo” said the girl annoyed while picking up the last left carrot. “Here you go, Sir and sorry for the inconvenience. I will make sure it never happens again” and the girl went her way.
An exhausted but still energetic girl stepped into the courtyard’s living room. Her long orange-brownish chestnut hair was tied with her lava red ribbon. She was wearing a smart black waistcoat and white shirt with black bow at her neck and a black trouser adjoining her black heels. Her eyes were crimson red resembling her mother. This girl was a noble, the next suzerain wife and daughter of Arthur: Erica Kannazuki aka Erica Roslyn.
Kannazuki courtyard, also known as the Arch mansion was very lively at all times. It was more like a zoo than a dignified clan meeting HQ. The best part of being a Kannazuki was that there were no restrictions, all you have to do was to work for the welfare of the people of Florice and once you have done well enough for a day you can have so-called gala time. But don’t think that the jobs were easy. The jobs had all sorts of tasks whether it was delivering something or catching a robber, whether it was finding someone’s location or even giving suggestions for the colour of the shop banner! Well collecting scattered vegetables was also part of the job. The members were well-trained since childhood so they could handle all kinds of situations. So you could say they didn’t have a childhood like any other person. They used to play with weapons while the children used to play with toys.
“Oh, Erica you’re back so how was playing with the birds today?”
“I wasn’t playing with them I was catching them for a lady in the Alicia street. The birds accidently got out of the cage so that lady asked for help. And why are you laughing?”
“I am just glad that finally someone understood what exactly you are capable of!”
“Will you stop it? I am too tired to argue today. Catching birds isn’t an easy job anyway.
“Yes of course milady but before that you have to sign 150 papers, approve 162 requests, and perform a regular check whether Florice is in order and......”
“Wait! What? How come so much work got piled up while I was      away?”
“Well milady you are the head of A.F.F after all and-”
“And you are also on the same post brother. Why didn’t you work if you were here the whole day?”
“Well you  see milady I am not that free like you to help a vegetable seller instead of making Romeo clean his mess and play with birds all day-Uh- oh..”
Stop this nonsense and get to work!”
“Ok Fine! I am going”
Well you see Erica was looking redder than any tomato in the        World. She used to get very short tempered at times, especially,    when she was tired and someone used to start taunting her. The    one who enjoyed making her irritated was Aeden Louie Kannazuki. He was the cousin brother of Erica and was also holding the post of the head of A.F.F. What is A.F.F you ask? Well that’s Arcana Force   of Florice. This force consists of the 18 members of the Kannazuki    family, each bearing the mark of arcana. Each of the arcana provides a special ability like acceleration, night vision, aura sensors and lots more. But the best part is that each member gets a common ability of summoning weapons by default. This family has been formed by searching and coming across arcana users. Indeed, this family is not an ordinary one. You might have guessed that there are two heads of the entire family- Erica and Aeden. Arthur is the supreme head which means he takes care of the distribution of work within the A.F.F. No orders are carried out without his permission. This supreme head was a rather important person.
It was well past midnight. Everyone was having sweet dreams while the princess was working hard on the budget record.
“There are so many demands! What’s this? Dear A.F.F, please reduce the rate of the vegetables. But I already decreased it last month. And this is- this is- I don’t have to sleep. Damn it! I am so tired and that brat didn’t-”
“Milady, do you need some help? If you ask politely then I can help you out.” said Louie who was silently watching Erica all this time.
“Louie can you please do this work for me. I want to get some sleep, please?”
“S-Sure” and Erica left the room.
“She requested me, I don’t believe this she requested me???”
“Anyways she completed most of the work. Now let’s see...”
“Have you heard about the wind user?” “You mean the return of the strongest wizard?” Today, Pryden was filled with such whispers of both fear and excitement. Meanwhile in the Arch mansion-
“Good Morning Louie”
“Oh, Good Morning Eri”
“Have you heard the rumours recently?”  
“You mean the one concerning the wind user?” 
“Yeah, What do you think about this wind user people are talking about?”
“I am getting a bad feeling but I think it is that person”
“I don’t think he has the guts to come back after being exiled.” answered Erica with uncertainty.
“You never know, after all we are talking about him.” said Louie while helping himself with toast and English tea.
There was a knock on the door. “Come in”
“Excuse me, Ms. Erica, there is a letter addressed to you.” and Maria, Erica’s personal attendant, handed the letter to Erica and left the room. After she opened the letter, her eyes grew wide.
“Is something the matter? What does it say?” asked Louie out of curiosity.
“You were right Louie it was that man after all” she said in a serious voice.  “No way, the wind user is really that man? See, I can become a future teller” he humoured. “Yeah, of course you can, but how about we talk about your career after this?  Brandon Almer is back in town”


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