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On The Borderline Character Study

By: Junelover14

PROMPT: Inventory

Griffin Bell (17) Washington, USA 

School Backpack:

  1. AP Psychology book
  2. AP Calculus book
  3. AP English book
  4. AP History book
  5. Writing utensil organizer
  6. Six black and labeled binders for classes
  7. Antipsychotic medication (Brand name: Seroquel & Generic Name: Quetiapine Fumarate)
  8. (On the side of bag) "If found call Cameron Povich at ###-###-####" sticker

Cameron Povich (16) Washington, USA

School Backpack:

  1. AP Calculus book
  2. AP English book
  3. AP History book
  4. Kindle
  5. Doodle/writting note book
  6. Photo with the words 'Griffin Bell: Best Friends Forever!' on the back
  7. Best 'keep calm' quote book
  8. More mechanical/normal pencils and pens than she will ever need

Damian Barton (17) Washington, USA

School Backpack:

  1. Black lighter with red flames on the sides
  2. Four pakets of cigarettes (Two packs of Marlboro, one pack Camel, and one pack Newport)
  3. Three fake ID's (For himself: Damian Parks, For a girl: Trixie Lovegood, and a blank for just in case)
  4. List of phone numbers and names of girls
  5. Pile of crushed school papers
  6. Air gun made out of a pen
  7. I-Pod filled with screaming rock music
  8. A photo of a threeteen year old girl with short brown hair and a smirk.

Message to Readers

Griffin and Cameron are my main guy and girl characters. They are best friends from childhood to high school. It's them against the world. Damian has been kicked out of a lot of schools before he became the new kid at Griffin and Cameron's school.

Peer Review

Griffin: incredibly smart despite being slightly mentally/emotionally unstable (he's bipolar). He's also very organized
Cameron: Also fairly intelligent, but moreover creative, prepared, friendly, and technologically keeping up with the times
Damian: at first glance, the stereotypical "bad boy" rebel. He easily gets into trouble, doesn't care too much about school, and sounds like a flirt. Then again, he's probably sentimental considering he's carrying around this picture of a girl with him.

Griffin: his medication. It shows that although he is smart, he's very driven. When someone has an illness or disease, it's very easy to fall behind your classmates, but Griffin still manages to excel.
Cameron: The last item. It's just incredibly telling.
Damian: The picture of the girl. It's the one object that doesn't quite match everything else on his list.

Reviewer Comments

Nice job! I really like these characters and can't wait to read a story with them in it.