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An incredibly akward 13 year old who stumbled across this wonderful community; I did indeed draw my profile.
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Imagine yourself as a key. The world is the lock, humanity the other side of the door. All you need to do is unlock that door.

The Bridge Of Sorrow

June 23, 2022


As I walked across the bridge, my thoughts slammed together; a war in my head. I was confused, angry, and sad. Only moments before I had been on the phone with my best friend. Moments later, I had felt sick and tired of her cheeriness and had just hung up. What was this sudden change in emotion in me?
I looked around, seeing everyone else on the bridge was just as sorrowful as myself. As I neared the end of the bridge, the happyness inside me began to flicker back to life. As soon as I was off the bridge, I was skipping.

Who had cast a spell on a bridge to cause it's walkers to feel such sorrow and drown in misery? A spell so powerful it took affect on a witch.
Just a short concept I thought I'd write.


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