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a poem for someone i love more than the blades of grass in a pasture

June 23, 2022


i. I know I wanna love you forever
Because every day I get scared of you slipping away.
I know I wanna love you forever
Because every day that you aren't around
The people around me turn to the seven seas
And I'm drowning in them
ii. If I counted all the times
That I've come home and cried
9 out of 10 times
I was crying for you
Because I am so scared of losing my backbone
Because I am so scared of losing you

iii. I don't care who passes through my life -
Who comes and who leaves
Who exits so quickly it's a band-aid ripped from my skin.
None of that matters so long as you're always here
Because I've gotten through life just fine without them
But I've never done life without you
And I know I never could.
To my bestie-- I love you so much <3
I often get scared of my best friend slipping away from me but I've loved her for 8 years now and I know I'll never stop loving her no matter what. <3


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  • June 23, 2022 - 6:09am (Now Viewing)

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  • Camillaroo-350

    Aww this is so sweet...your best friend must be very special :) I love this

    8 days ago