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The man with the bucket.

June 23, 2022



His lime green bucket shone, it was the only bright thing on this murky day. I take a breath, steadying myself as I stare out to sea, the crashing waves calling to me. In, and then out I remind myself. My chest rises and then falls. The trees whisper in the wind, sending a chill down my spine. The last time I had been here... no, I couldn't- I wouldn't let myself remember. I refocus on the man again, his eyes dark and remorseful. He had been handsome back in the day, I'm sure. His black hair littered with white, it shines for a moment, and he seems to light up. The cloud cover the sun once more, and slowly he returns back to his penitent form. 

It's just us on the coastline, I realize as I step onto the damp sand. It doesn't take me long to catch up to him, my heart beating hard. Was this the right thing to do? He turn to me with hope in his eyes, his shoulders lifting before slumping back down, his eye going dark once again. 

I smile softly, watching him carefully. I remember who he is now, I've heard the whispers in town. "Hello..." I trail off, not sure how to talk to him, what to say.

He watches me carefully, I am suddenly aware of my rosy cheeks and wild hair. The ocean had called to me, and I had to answer. What I hadn't expected was him. 

"Good afternoon" He replies softly, he looks afraid of me. I knew I should've taken a few minutes to do my hair. 

I stare, and he stares back. The longer the silence the more awkward it gets, "Do you come here often?"

"Only every afternoon." He says smoothly, how haven't I ever seen him before. He must've seen my confusion, "Though normally I'm on the other side of the beach" He adds 

"Mm, I see... I should- I should go." She stammers, if anyone saw her with him, they would call her a freak, she would become an outcast once again.

"I understand, Nara." he says, my eyes widen, fear taking over. I turn on my heels and run, from him, from the ocean, from the monsters writhing within me. A question looming in my mind, how had he know my name?
Part 1/? 

Perhaps I'll make a series of short stories for this. 


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  • @thestupidbard

    i absolutely love this and i cannot wait for part 2

    8 days ago