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I'm 15 and can't afford writing classes so thought I'd just get some feedback here!

The World's Most Common Excuse

June 22, 2022


The World’s Most Common Excuse. 

Religion has always been something I could never wrap my head around. I was raised as an atheist so, I never believed in “God” or “The Bible.” To this day I don’t fully understand religion, specifically Christianity and Catholicism, but I get why it was created. My Grandma Vicki was the first person to explain this to me in a way I could understand. 
I was six years old when the song Take Me to Church
by Hozier was released. My Grandma was talking me to school when it came on the radio. I’ve always loved paying attention to song lyrics, as I listened I turned the radio down when it said I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife”.
I asked my Grandma, “Why did he say that? What is the song even about?”
“Well sweetie, remember when that silly classmate of yours said you’re going to hell for not believing in God?”
“Yeah, is this song about God?”
“Yes, and more than that, since we’ve never really talked about God and your getting older let me give you an explanation on religion.” 
Then, my grandma went on to explain how she believes “God” was invented for two main reasons. First, to explain the unknown, humans fill with fear when they’re confused or can’t give a reason for things. So when it thunderstorms, instead of showing fear they say “Oh it’s just God sneezing.” This occurs even in circumstances with explanations. Usually, in these situations, humans are the reason better yet, the blame. They use God as a scapegoat for prejudice. This is what Take Me to Church explains. Religious people killed gay people because they were “against the bible.” The other reason God was invented was to keep rich, white men’s ideals in control. After my grandma explained this to me I finally understood why God was created. Years later, I went to a Christian youth group with my friend. I thought I should keep an open mind and I could come out of it with a lesson. We all sat in a circle, that day’s topic was dreams. How God speaks to us through our dreams. No one in the circle knew I was an atheist, I felt like an undercover observer. I’ve never been around this many Christians before so I looked at everyone and noticed they were all the same people with different faces. One girl had a shirt that said All I need is God and a good latte, this was comical to me, God was an aesthetic people wore on their shirts. We had to go around the circle and share a time that God has spoken to us in our dreams. The group leader was around 30-years-old with a wife and two kids, it was his turn to share. 
“I had a dream about a week ago that one of my high school students from the group and I were in a locker room at her school, she took off all her clothes. When I woke up I had seen a text that she broke up with her abusive boyfriend, I believe God was telling me that my student was shedding her skin and becoming a new, God devoted woman.” 
I started swelling up inside. I looked around at everyone to see if they were as alarmed as I was. 
Everybody was smiling and saying how beautiful his dream was. Tears started flooding my cheeks.
The girl with the latte shirt said, “Aww look the newbies crying, see your dream really was beautiful!”
Everyone turned to me. I turned bright red. 
The group leader asked, “How about you share now, what’s your name again sweetheart?”
I wiped my tears and took a deep breath, I got this.
“Hello everyone, My name is Lucy, you said we had to share a dream, correct?”
“Yup go ahead.” everyone shouted. 
“Well, If I’m being straight up, I don’t believe in any of this bullshit. I’m an Athiest and I came here to see if my mind could be changed, I was raised atheist so I wanted to see for myself what religion was all about. I thought that maybe, just maybe I would open up to religion. Honestly, nothing could have confirmed that God is a phony and a scapegoat, more than this group of brainwashed ass kissers. This man just admitted to having a dream of an underaged girl getting undressed in front of him. Nothing is wrong with having faith, but everything is wrong with excusing unacceptable things with it.” 
Everyone was silent and stunned. Speechless. I got up and left. 
Never doing that again. 


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  • Usernamey

    As an atheist, I agree with many of your points, but it seems to me sometimes the piece is targeting religion itself, rather than the specific behaviour of using religion to justify unacceptable actions which you probably intended this to be about.

    7 days ago
  • magpies in may

    I’m a Christian myself, but I admire your straightforwardness on this subject. It must have taken some bravery on your part to write and publish such a piece.
    *In my opinion, it might have been good on the man (as a Christian, as he professed) to confess about having such a dream, but that’s my opinion and I’m definitely not trying to govern such beliefs.
    I hope you can recover some interest in the Christian faith (maybe seek out different, more reliable/trustworthy respites?) someday. Good luck on your religious journey and keep writing!

    8 days ago
  • Tachi

    also, it doesn't matter if an atheists doesn't understand religion, they should just leave people alone to believe in what they want to believe in.

    And, I think you shouldn't put a whole religion under 'horrible and wrong' just because of one bad experience.

    8 days ago
  • ♥︎hephzibah.n♥︎

    Okay, I totally get that you have a different opinion to me on this. But seriously, there might have been a slightly more polite way of talking to the people at that youth group.
    Also, I definitely don't believe dreams have any meaning and think that guy's dream was a bit sus. And a lot of the religious people you mention in this seem a bit extreme!

    8 days ago