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She will Suffer a Death that Is Wrongly, Her's

June 30, 2022


Her gentle eyes dart far out, wide, 
down to the sunset, and down to the muddy quarry, 
on the edge, she stands, waiting to be drowned, 
glancing only to her right side, at the horizon,
her left arm is sticky meat, and stands raw scars, 
her mouth murmurs a ginger prayer
while the priest, besides, reads loudly from a leather bible
to cast her soul to rest as the devil's follower. 
Her tightly bound wrists is stopping the flow of her blood,
it does not matter, though, 
she lets her wind flow her hair away, 
washing the pain from her tortured body,
into the next field of peaceful plain, 
she smiles hopelessly at the orange, and yellow light, 
before shrugging. 
A witch, she will be known for on Earth, 
but what matters is that God will know she is not, 
He will know she was His follower, 
not the devil's—never had been the devil's. 

Her head is shoved down into the brown water, 
and only bubbles arise back into the world. 
I hope this depicts, the Salem trials—it is an unfair, superstitious event that killed many females.  


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  • WhoTalksLikeMe

    re: Haha yeah :)
    That makes sense! That's definitely how I felt in Mexico (and most places we travel, honestly)

    about 14 hours ago
  • WhoTalksLikeMe

    re: Yes, that's why :)
    Yeah, California is definitely very different from Japan. I can imagine it's quite stressful and also pretty interesting.
    I'm actually going to two camps, a horseback camping trip and farm camp. So I'll be gone for three weeks :)

    about 15 hours ago
  • typos, many of them

    re: hmm, not sure. i'm probably going to aim for around 500-700 words? but i think they'll be okay with anything as long as it answers the prompt

    6 days ago
  • typos, many of them

    re: thank you! i don't think i'll be publishing the whole story on here, mostly because it still needs a lot of editing work. i also thought the prompt seemed really cool! i'm going to start working on it today :)

    6 days ago
  • typos, many of them

    re: i did! it looks super interesting; i'm going to start working on it tomorrow. what do you think of the prompt?

    6 days ago
  • typos, many of them

    wow this is so powerful! you paint a really vivid scene :)

    6 days ago
  • Chibueze

    Hello. Sorry, I don't mean to disturb you but I'm still waiting for the review.

    9 days ago