15-year old who loves pretending she's in weird situations and writes poems about it

A Terrarium of my Mind

June 29, 2022



The ever-bright aurous sunlight
filtering through the canopy of reticent conifer
waterfalls energized by the sweat and blood
of all the glaciers of sedulous ice
sheets of clots floating in rivers of agony
breaking into streams of hurt, loss, and bruises

Echoes of swirling sounds
the chirping of endless self-doubt
plummeting of perpetual acrimony
Mountains of high hopes
creased by lines of reality
dew drops of endless tears
scintillating in the leaves of tenacity
vines of twisted feelings
climbing up trees of high energy

The animals roaming in the desolate depths of the earth
mosses growing out of all the damp spots of pillows
from all the witch hour crying
constant scuttling of the insects 
changing their paths every growing instant
boulders of pressure weighing on the shoulders of the forest

All are a part of the little glass terrarium of my mind
and with every shove, it ends up more off balance 
and damaged for eternity



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