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Half of being a good writer is grammar, and the other half is a healthy mix of patience and insanity. Welcome to my collection of thoughts, the product of sitting in a cozy blanket typing while rain pours outside. Not really, but I wish it was.

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Just some metaphors that have popped into my mind

The Many Forms of the Moon

August 23, 2015

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

  • The Moon was an eye glinting in darkness.
  • The Moon was an ivory carving placed in ebony wood.
  • The Moon grows and falters at its height.
  • The Moon is a lonely hope that pulses and flickers.
  • The Moon is time encased in a golden gleam.
  • The moon was a butterfly as it flew through the sky, opening and closing its wings.
  • The Moon was a flower that blooms and wilts in an eternal cycle.
  • The Moon turned golden as Midas touched the horizon.
  • The Moon was the king of a million tiny stars.
  • The Moon is the same mystery of space, but illuminated.
  • The Moon is a keyhole in a door.


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