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Aurora Borealis

June 16, 2015

PROMPT: Other World


"Where the hell are they?!"

The Roxbury Latin Glee Club, two thousand four hundred and thirty miles away from the tundra that was Boston in March, found itself on another tundra of sorts, Iceland. After a day of travel, singing in the impossible language that is Icelandic, and getting friendly with the locals, the band of forty something young men were ready to check out and get some shut eye.

"I want to go back to the hotel, seriously, what are we waiting for?"

On our way back from our first concert, our director and tourguide had a quick conference, and then all of a sudden we were off the road, surrounded by the Nordic darkness. I wonder how the vikings must have felt, cold and alone under the stars that refused to reveal themselves. 

"C'mon guys, these are the Northern Lights! Just wait, be quiet, and watch."

As much as the 'Lights had been hyped up, I personally wanted to go to bed and dig into some waffles the next morning. There are millions of Northern Lights' photos online anyways, I thought to myself, and yet my feet scrunched in anticipation as I awaited the green vortex to come.

"If you guys paid attention in physics, you would know that the Northern Lights are a product of charged products moving into the atmos.."

The vibrating vocal chords of our director fell silent as snaps of Iphones filled the air. I didn't have a phone, but did I really need a lens manufactured in some Chinese sweatshop to see the green of some other world, the light of the Green Lanterns, the glow of Kryptonite, raw energy pulsing across the sky. Swirling from one end of the sky to the other, the Aurora circled our crew for a mere thirty minutes, and then blackness.

Strapped in my bus seat, half asleep on my way to the hotel, I realized the gravity of the moment I had just witnessed. Amid the snapping of pictures, I saw with my own two eyes the color green in a whole new light, cosmic, mesmerizing, supernatural. Most people would never under the chily Icelandic night be touched by such a spectacle. Right before I nodded off for the night, a thought wirred through my head,  "A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture taken with your very own eyes, now that's priceless".  




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