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Kayla Mayg

By: Suri Purefoy


Her backpack slung sloppily across her back, black and white checkered sneakers squecking against the pavement, carmel brown hair blowing in the steady breeze. The sun was just rising over the mountain landscape around her little town. The roads were silent, the whole town was deathly quiet except the occasional buzz of life that blew through the yards of early morning-risers, already bending down to weed. 

A thick strand of Kayla's frizzy hair was wrapped around her pointer-finger. She spun it round and round, making the hair tighten. Her groggy, moring dazed eyes blinked a few times, still fresh out of bed. Her skin seemed to glow a little bit and the teenage ickiness that inhabitated her skin appeared to not be there. Her eyes were slightly squinted, still half asleep consiously.

Sleepy thoughts of the days upcoming events crowded her mind. It was the first day of school in her new house. Kayla, her mother, father, two brothers, and older sister had moved there a week ago, driving into the tiny town in their old suburban. Kayla was anxious; would she make friends? Stressed; would everything go alright? Worried; what would happen? 

Walking along the sidewalk, she felt the thin, wearing heel of her sneaker chomp down on something solid and definitely NOT flat. Her ankle twisted, making her other foot instinctivly try to catch her body. It didn't. 

The pavement made contact with both of her hands. Loose gravelly rocks bit into her skin. A littl yelp escaped her lips. 

Kayla stood up, brushing her pants off. Her face was scrunched in annoyance and frustration.

The school was right in front of her now. A small structure made of red-ish bricks stood on its haunches. Kayla sighed inwardly and stepped onto the school's ground. Here goes nothing. She sighed inwardly and stepped into the buzz of crazy life awaiting her.   

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I really liked this story! Good job!