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June 16, 2015

It was a bright, frosty morning. The pavement glistened like a carpet of crushed diamonds in the early morning sunshine. I stepped my first step, hearing the crunchiness of the snow under my feet.

 The shine of the new world, I was definitely going to find my sister.

I walked along the banks of the river, the crystal water sploshing as I boringly watched the eels eat bread. I looked around me. I smiled at the sun that had sunlight pouring down like gold.

I murmured the word ‘freeze’, soon the world around me froze in its place.Birds were stopped in midair, the smoke rising out of the chimneys slowly.

I can’t believe the prisoned years I had and I hated them. I was forced not togo outside the world, my parents thought there was something wrong withme and I was insulted. The only person who cared was Sis, Calypso. So I haveto find he

Calypso’s favourite game was ‘Hide and seek.’

“What are you doing?” asked a voice. I turned around, it was a tanned boy who had messed up brown hair and was dressed in a blue uniform with a black bag hung over his shoulder. He was… glaring at me.

“You know that you shouldn’t be doing stuff like this in public.” he growled as he walked closer. Why wasn’t he affected by my power, my hourglass? I watched him curiously as he cupped his hand as if he was holding a tennis ball. A ball of fire appeared in his palm, waving it threateningly at me.   

“Look we, I​ncogitable, stay hidden so we can go on helping . But if one of us makes a huge mistake by a person finding out. We could be kidnapped, killed or be putting in danger of everyone.” he explained angrily.

Incogitable? There’s more people like me? There were so many questions that needed answers and now it just answered one of them. I chewed my lip, thinking what to do and waved my hand and whispered ‘present’.

Everything resumed the birds flapped their wings and cars, people started to move. The boy relaxed slowly and his fire began to smother. He walkedtowards me and he got my arm. His hand was cold as ice.

“You don’t know when somebody’s watching. Be careful not to play with fire.”

‘Be careful not to play with fire.’ That means something dangerous, right? I wish I could’ve found Sis quick as possible. I couldn’t accept it when Sis ran away, leaving me behind. But… I should’ve asked people for any sights of

I skipped down the street and looked around until I saw a crowd of students dressed in blue. Oh, that boy went to that school. I wonder which school he goes to. I looked at the students chattering freely and laughing. I wonder how it’s like to have friends. I thought gazing at them enviously. No time to think like that. I need to look for Calypso. I need to, I-

“You again? Everytime I turn the corner, I see you. Get a move on.” he snapped. I slowly turned around and saw fireboy again. I groaned. But this time, he was surrounded by a group of people. Two girls and three boys glaring at me, apart from a boy who looked kinda lost.

“Oh, you have a power too? Plus his name isn’t fireboy, his name is Axel,” The lost boy replied, looking at the circling butterfly. I looked at amazement at him. Axel looked extremely annoyed and glared as I ignored him. “My name
is Talon and I have the mind reading ability!” he exclaimed. 

Wow, so this must mean that the school that he go to must be one with abilities! So people like me. Talon raised an eyebrow at me saying You-honestly-didn’t-know-?​  I sighed telling him in my mind I was still getting used to stuff. One of the girls stepped forward, circling me.

“Well, you’re not much of an appearance, aren’t you?” She smirked. It was a girl with curly hair and too much makeup, I took a step back, trying not to gag from her perfume. Talon bursted into laughter and told Axel who laughed as I flushed. The girl looked confused and whirled around at Talon.

Having friends like that will never happen to me.

Talon asked me who I was. I panicked but then Axel said that I was a trashy girl roaming around.

“Well, that’s no way to treat a lady, Axel,” replied a smooth voice behind me. I turned around, it was a man in his twenties and had blond hair.

“Miss, I want to know what kind of power you do.” he asked, suggesting to the apple. I indicated the man to throw it up. As he threw it up, I murmured ‘bubble’ a small bubble was created around it and whispered ‘freeze’ and the apple froze. The man looked impressed and examined it. The pass bys didn’t seem to notice.

“My name is Byron and you should enroll for our school.” he smiled. I thought about the friends I could make but… my sister. I shook my head, declining. They looked shocked.

“The reason why I’m here is for my sister. She’s the only person enough to care about me!” I smiled as I looked at their faces. I looked at Axel, he had a completely different expression from others: envy. 

“But,” he said “If you enroll, we can help you find your sister.” I looked at him weighing the options. After a while of thinking, I slowly answered his question.

“Ok, because I think finding someone together is better than finding someone alone!”

That girl is so optimistic and free… I wish I could be like her. Having that much freedom. I want to know what keeps her going in those situations in life.



I looked up at the building that was so majestic to resemble something like a fairytale. I'm actaully going to a proper school in my whole entire life!                                                                                                                       

In the shadows                                                                                    

That girl! Her powers are dangerous, I need to report and stop that girl!       

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