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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

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Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoy my pieces published on this page! Most of what I write is inspired by real life events, along with people I have the pleasure of meeting. Please favourite, review, leave a comment or share any of my works if you like them because it may not seem like it but it means a great deal to me and will make my day tremendously.

Modern Poems for an Old-Fashioned Lover (#25 Free Verse)- Amused

April 16, 2017


Dashing horses,
With loose, flying manes,
"I'm nineteen, not nine."
"Be a child for the day."
We rode off into the unknown.

Tea cups
A giant teapot,
And giant teacups circling it,
"I get dizzy so easily."
"Just close your eyes."
We spun and reached infinity.

Sleek, white carriages,
Racing along steel tracks,
"That drop is too steep for it to be safe."
"Think of it as a train but faster and it will feel safer."
We let the adrenaline consume us.

Ferris wheel
Primary coloured cabs,
Ours stopped right at the top,
"I missed you"
"I missed you more"
"I want to kiss you"
And so I did.


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