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The Secrets Of Nyan

June 15, 2015

-Chapter 1-

Into The Woods


I dashed towards the forest, his father close behind him. “ Why can I not go in” I cried. “because you’re a farm boy and peasants do not go into the forest. It is where The Master lives” ” I understand that, but I will not be a farm boy forever” “At this rate you will.” My father grumbled to himself. I finally broke the tree line and ran into the forest, shimmied up a tree, and caught his breath in a high branch. “ You can’t stay up there forever” my father called from the ground. I opened his pack and peered inside. I took out the piece of jerky and the biscuit he had packed for the day. I tore into the food, having not eaten breakfast today. I had been eating less and less lately. I lived in the small, poor village of Nyan and since a famine was sweeping in, the children were given smaller rations. I was still a child, only being 14. I lived on a small farm with his retched father and two greedy older brothers. It had not rained in weeks and all the crops were dying. It did not look good for anyone. “What are you doing in my forest” a strong voice said. I started and quickly turned around. A 14 year-old girl was in the branch above him, hanging upside down by her knees. “Who are you” I asked. “I’ve never seen you before”. “ I’m the one who should be asking the questions” she said in her rich, strong voice. “But my name is Jase, and this is my forest” I bowed awkwardly to her “Hale master” I said. “I apologize for I did not know it was you”. “No apology is needed. I own the forest but I am not your Master” Jase laughed. “Anyone who says they own this forest is Master to me if they let me stay here” “Well, I will let you stay as long as you don’t mind running. A lot” “I don’t mind” “then follow me.” Jase bounded down the tree, her shimmering silver hair flowing behind her. “Wait up!” I said as I followed her down the tree. We ran through the undergrowth, ferns and blackberry bushes scratching at their faces. After a few minutes, we appeared in a clearing with a small hut in the middle. I ran his hand along the wall, the cool smooth stone a relief to my scratched hands. The moss draped roof stood several feet above his head, doming up at the middle. I looked over to see Jase rinsing her bloodied hands in a clear blue stream. “Well, are you coming inside” Jase said, taking her hands out of the river and shaking them dry. “Yah, I’m coming” I followed her inside the house. Warm air greeted me as I walked through the doorway. The first thing I noticed was that a large tree sprouted from the ground in the middle of the room. On one side, there was a mini kitchen. On the other there was a fireplace. Two hammocks hung by the fireplace. A round belt of wood with two stools grew out of the tree in the middle. “Wow. This is beautiful” I gasped. “I have lived here all my life with no one else to share it with” Jase said with sorrow in her voice. “While you avoid your father, you can stay here with me.” “ I would like that” I replied. Jase went into the kitchen, and soon a wonderful scent was wafting out. “Mmmmm, what are you cooking?” I sighed. “Just venison with berry compote and fresh bread” Jase said proudly. “It smells delicious” I replied politely. Jase brought in the steaming plates of food and the two sat down at the table to eat. I poked the meal with a fork, tearing off a bit of venison. I plunged it into my mouth, savoring the warm, delicious meat. I quickly devoured the meal and finally looked up to see Jase staring at me. “ What is it?” “You remind me of someone I once knew. His name was Dylan.” “Were you good friends?” “We were more than friends. More like well, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend.” “I bet it was hard to loose him.” “Yes” Jase had finished and was walking away to clear her meal. The conversation was over.



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