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Katie R. Goates

United States

I'm a Christian, a musician, an introvert, a singer, and a perfectionist. I love math, I love to read, I love classical music, and I love to learn.

Message to Readers

This is a song I started to write. It's just bits an pieces, but I thought I would share it. Honest, constructive feedback or suggestions would be appreciated :)

Reach For Me

June 15, 2015




The smile you see

Is really hiding pain

The sunshine you feel

Is really cov'ring rain



Take a look, Is that me?

Or a shadow of who I’m supposed to be?  

I am lost, I am alone,

I can't find my way back home

Can’t you see?

Reach for me



Hiding in the shadows

Waiting to be seen,

I’ve been searching blindly

Trying to find me



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