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Kuri, the Robot Nanny

By: Aaliyah

A very good day to you. I am Aliyah Banerjee, reporting to you from Techno News. Today, I invite you to the world of robotics, through the discovery of an amazing robot, which can really make your day go smoothly.
Everyday, we see some new cool gadget or the other forming the headlines of the day’s news. Every month, some robot is launched to either clean up your house, or do your shopping, or play music, and do much more to make your day easier.
Between all the new technology that is cramming our brains every second, what all of us need is something simple to charm our tired eyesight. And this new security-on-wheels is just the thing. Created by Mayfield Robotics, Kuri the Robot is like your own personal watchman when you’re away. It updates you on every bit of disorder in your house through a camera. Some interviews also revealed that the primary idea behind Kuri’s creation was that a text message would reach parents, letting them know when their kids got home.
When you bring Kuri home for the first time, it explores just like you would explore an unfamiliar place. It’s moves around and creates a digital map of your house in it’s memory, so it can avoid bumping into walls and falling over objects. You need to guide her once into every room using remote-control, but after that, she can usually locate everything you’ve shown her.
She moves around on her three wheels, either following you, or even goes where you tell it to. So this is an example of how it recognises voice commands, and can eventually learn to recognise your voice whenever you speak to it. The common phrase to make her wake up is “Hey Kuri!”
Another unique feature of Kuri’s is that unlike most robots, Kuri is one of the few human-like robots without an LED screen. Human robots lose a bit of their personality, if they have a screen, as it makes them look digital, and less like a human. But Kuri can perform most actions without the requirement of a screen.
On Kuri’s human-like face, there is only one-thing missing, a mouth. So you will be surprised, when I tell you that Kuri has a very nice smile. Guess how? She smiles with her eyes, which is so loved, that it led to Kuri being described as “exceptionally cute.” Moreover, to your questions, Kuri responds with expressions and may even nod it’s head.
Around 50 centimetres tall, and weighing at least six kilograms, Kuri comes with an inbuilt camera. Using this feature of her’s, Kuri helps you keep a strict watch on your house even when you’re away from home. Know what’s cooler? If you suspect mischief by the little kid in the house, or the pet Alsatian, you have the option of yelling at them through Kuri’s loudspeakers. If she suspects anything out of the ordinary, she can even send you a recording of the occurrence.
Just imagine: Your pet cat, Fishtail, wakes up from her power nap. Looks around slyly. “Aha! Looks like nobody’s at home! I think I’ll go and cuddle on that comfortable couch in the living room (which cost you maybe $ 9,000!)!” But no, Fishtail suddenly jumps as your voice screams at her. “Fishtail, get off the couch right NOW!” And your couch is safe.
Kuri the robot can recognise certain faces, using it’s inbuilt facial recognition. So it answers to the questions asked accordingly. Since she doesn’t talk, she answers with nods and chirp-like-sounds. Along with Wi-fi connectivity, she can play music, tell stories, and even tell you the weather. Now, don’t you call that convenient?
And according to some users, Kuri can even follow a set-routine, if she knows it well enough.
Another interesting feature of Kuri’s is that her sturdy wheels are almost ready to get her going on any rough surface. A surprise? She glides fine even on carpets. She has an LED built inside her chest, which can change colors, to give that greying structure a little color and life.
Then her voice recognition can be a little erratic at times. But she can usually hear your voice commands through her four-microphone array.
The price is around $ 700 now in the US. You may think it is too much, but there’s also a good chance of you finding that Kuri is worth it.
Kuri is known all over as the “Robot Nanny.” This is because as per reports from people, it acts as either a robot, a security monitor, a nanny, a teacher, or even a plaything for children.
Users watch with delight, as Kuri is introduced to children with a wonderful response. It opens a whole new world of technology and robotics to the younger generation. User-friendly and practically a toy as well, Kuri is certainly going to be the delight for generations to come.
As this topic delighted and interested me very much, I would like to cite my sources.


Peer Review

Robots are really cool. I didn't know that such cheap commercial robots existed, and your lively writing style adds to the intrigue and answers some of my questions.

Your prose style is pretty effective, but this feels unfinished because I don't know the greater significance of Kuri. What are the concerns abour privacy with robots in the home? What do customers say about Kuri? What do market analysts say about Kuri? Where does Mayfield Robotics come from? What do the creators say about Kuri? Can Kuri get annoying? What technology does Kuri have inside her? I would love to understand more of the big picture in terms of robots--and while this isn't exactly foreign correspondence, it's more like a tech report, there's still lots of interesting things to write about.

Has Kuri changed how you live? (

You've found something really interesting to write about. As you work on the draft and show how it's a 'current event' and relevant, it will only improve.

Reviewer Comments

1. You spend a lot of time describing what Kuri can do. Can you spend more time describing the context and controversy of AI in the home?
2. This isn't a 'event', it's a thing, which is okay, but some dates would be interesting.
3. At least one of your sources is the company which sells Kuri. Remember, it's biased. There's a press section of that site, maybe look at some of those articles?
4. It would be great if you had quotes from creators and users of Kuri if you can find them. I believe that Kuri hasn't been released yet, so maybe explain why you're writing about it.
5. Can you give us a sense of place in this piece. That's what makes foreign correspondence great. Kuri could be anywhere, but how is she changing the socioeconomic landscape? What do different countries think of Kuri?
6. Why is the information in your article in this order? I'm not saying it's illogical--it's in fact very easy to follow--but think about transitions. Try to see it from the readers point of view, who has not done as much research as you.
7. What is your tone in this piece? Is it consistent?
this is a really enjoyable piece to read. It's a great start, and I love all the little examples, which really bring the piece to life.