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Spelt M-A-G-G-I. No E's necessary. Eighteen years of age. I favor poetry, fiction, history, different perspectives on matters of controversy, and food.

Message to Readers

This poem is obviously a work in progress. I'm obsessed with fitting the lines with a set number of syllables, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to corner the creases in this poem. Any ideas on this would be awesome!

Spread On The Sea

June 14, 2015



If I were a boat

And you were the sea,

You'd be the only

thing I'd ever know,

my sole deity.


I would be ridden

From this land to that,

By mongrels, pirates,

From humans to rats.


You, only you, would

Hold me up aloft

As I drifted your

Waves, from the hard

To the low and soft.


Storms are your power.

By the strongest, I break

Open, spill my contents,

If only for your sake.


My boards would scatter,

But I wouldn't mind.

It's a hard thing to do,

Only you'd be so kind


As to end me and

My existence endured.

The sea is harsh, yet

You're the one I savor.


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