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"Fight for your Fairytale"
"You are enough...A thousand times enough!"
17 years!
"Got a mood, that you wish you could...sell"

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How does this feel?


May 13, 2022


18 and never been kissed
Years ahead, but too scared to fit in
Afraid of those tight crop tops and revealing dresses
 too scared of going too far to get a boys attention
On the sidelines I sit
I wait and wait and wait
For what I do not know
Hoping that the world will change
People will see me
I dream of being famous
Being worshipped and admired
But yet here I am alone
Afraid of showing skin
Of kissing boys and "fitting in"
But it's not the drama
That's not what hurts
Not really
It's the same old stuff
The pain and blood and sweat of several nations
Fighting trying to survive on their own
But never willing to work together
It's the pit of the dread
The scrape on the knee
The way a bee stings
It's the things that people fail to notice
The lies they tend to spill
It's the fear of the unknown
Walking alone
and having no place to call your own
It's working hard for nothing
Trying to succeed
knowing you're too young to know "anything"
But knowing your too old to be immature and have fun
It's the fear of letting go
Of moving on
and knowing when to walk away



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