Anne Blackwood

United States

Autistic, ADHD
Theatre kid
Disabled (chronically ill, neurodivergent)
XXFJ-T, Melancholic-Sanguine, ambivert

Joined 1/16/20

Message to Readers

Heyyy my life's been crazy lately so I've been blocked but here's a lil thing lol

Liquid Sky

May 14, 2022



It is on days like this I believe the sky really is water, like I could step up into the milky blue and swim until my air runs out
May 13th, 2022


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  • mindfruit

    re: <3 <3 haha, just one AP — the rest come next year ~evil cackle~ oh, and ginormous CONGRATS on graduating! You made it! Very proud of you :D where are you heading off to next?

    9 days ago
  • ~stuck|in|my|head~

    I like this a lot, simple, but sweet and relatable to be honest Lol

    12 days ago
  • mindfruit

    re: thank you so much! and just wanted to share my appreciation for you being a part of my writing career, it's been an interesting journey so far on WtW but it helps when you have people like you for constant support <3 glad you've been able to stand your ground even with life throwing so many things at you, just keep fighting for a bit longer cause summer is almost here! Nothing too interesting with me, just studying for finals. I had AP's last week which went pretty solid. It's crazy how fast this school year went by

    12 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Beautiful and haunting, just the way clouds roll over the horizon. Beautiful :)

    15 days ago
  • mindfruit

    nice piece Anne! I love the way it starts out innocent and then turns dark. how's life treating you?

    15 days ago
  • typos, many of them

    this is such a beautiful image!!!!

    15 days ago