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I'm A Freak. I Also Like To Swim And Capitalize The First Letter of Every Word Like This.

Message to Readers

Idk I kinda just wanted to vent... point out anything you didn't like or any structural/grammatical errors i made pl0x and thank you.

The Me I Wish I Was

June 13, 2015

PROMPT: Polar Opposite


The boys jeered at the teacher who announced that they had no homework over the weekend. They make loud laughing and undefinable noises as if taunting the teacher. Several other boys, unaffiliated with the group of snorting animals, joined in on the fun. Soon almost all of the boys were in on the rukus, almost. One boy sat in class still waiting  for the bell to ring and to so he could get outta class, Ted. "Then you have Ted just sitting there praying for more homework" one of his classmates taunt. Everyone laughs, but he just sits there, uncaring. The bell rings and the students head out of class towards the buses. George, an... acquaintance of Ted who joined in on the activities of the pigsty in the room, asked "why do you want more homework nerd" not realizing that the joke had already come and pass. "I don't want more homework, you guys are just  too loud" he replied. "Don't be such a killjoy Nerdy ol' pal. Nobody will like you. You talk to nobody. You work like nobody's business. Nobody will remember you at this rate" he said half-jokingly. Ted got a look in his eye, uncaringly he said "I don't care. I'm introvertic and I don't like to talk to other people. I'm not gonna try to be something I'm not and be loud like you retarded pigs just so I get a couple hoots from the other boys. I won't act like a freak just because a freak will get attention. If I disappear from people's memories, then what do I care. If I'm remembered it'll be because I'm me." He walked away, George with his mouth wide open like the buffoon he is.


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