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The Rosella

June 12, 2015



Romona Sky sat upright on the park bench as she twirled a daisy between her bony fingers. The wind sliced her bare cheeks as she scrunched her face up with confusion. Flash backs raced through her mind as vivid images stained her memory. Pictures of her dad, towering obive her raced through her head as she remembered the pain she has felt. Suddenly, the chirping of a Rosell washed away her thoughts as her head shot up from looking at the daisy to the red bird which stood by her feet. A small, yet sweet smile crept into her face as the birds melodious song brought her back to the business community the world around her. 

"Shoot!" Room a whispered aloud as she heard the roaring of the train on tracks pass her. "I missed my train!" A tear trickled down her cheek as she sunk into the wooden rusted bench that rested beneath her. Why would her dad think of her she told him that she missed the train to school? He hated her enough. Slowly, she stood up, her hands resting beside her shaking legs as she began to walk home. The grass crunched under her feet as she came to a stop. 

"Ow!" Romana shouted, her cries echoing through the trees. That's when she saw it, the Rosella from before, it's sparkling eyes looking into hers. Blood dripped from its beak as it chirped again. Romana pressed her fingers on her wounded wrist ash she looked angrily at the bird. The rosella chirped and chirped until her head was ready to explode. She jumped up and marched over to where it was purched. It looked at Romona expectedly as it hopped around her feet, pecking at the leather of her too tight shoes. She best down to the Rosella, carefully hiding her fingers from the unusual bird. She stated into its eyes as it looked at her expectedly. 

"What?" She whispered and then saw him in the eyes of the bird. Her disappointed looking father, glaring down at her for the 100th time. Then, Romona saw the bird again and knew what it wanted. She could see in the gentle face of the bird it knew what she was going through. It wanted to help her, take her away from all the pain and suffering. Romona looked up at the sun and whispered gently. "Okay, I'm ready." 


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