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Where Ends Meet

May 13, 2022




It's a change, resulting in something beautiful.

Like autumn leaves







From their trees, blasting a whirl of majestic and vibrant reds and oranges on the damp ground.

They fall as we did from the throne of our mountain. As the leaves ended, we ended with a new memory, tinted by the joyful emotions of the day.

But sometimes, it's a black hole of change, consuming everything in sight and sparing nothing.

Like the grasps of winter's long, slender fingers, wrapping around the ends of the hemisphere; shoving it all into a desolate wasteland of frozen, frosty, frollic-less prison.

Remember those dreams where we sat, side by side, reading with each other, with the only warmth comforting us being that of our stories and rhymes, along with the steaming hot chocolate we sipped?

No, it was all just a grand illusion, created by the emptiness of ends in my mind.

Other times, it's just the beginning of something magical.

Like the end of snow flurries and the receding of white blanket around the globe. As winter looses her grasp on the world, spring comes in, with his glorious mane of flowers and greenery, painting the skies with long-forgotten shades of blue.

The blue skies that I saw in your eyes, the sunflowers that grew in your heart, and the hope you had in your head. The things that began the new cycle of ends.

It's a way of reminding you of the people and things you love. A temporary pause from the monotony of everyday schedules.

Like summer's longing sun, shining bright in the sky, searching for shade to relieve the heat it's built up over time.

The sun is looking as I am, looking for its companions who can dissolve its thoughts, consuming these sparks into the innermost being of themselves, giving the sun they all they are.

Long ago, the sun and the shades were perpetually connected, just as we were.

Now, though, they must savour the moments when they meet. The sun often longs for its companions, sometimes turning to the sad teardrops of summer storms, reminiscing on those joyful frolics in the spring skies.

But on those rare occasions where sun and shadows do meet, the bond pulling them together only strengthens.

All in all, it's a natural thing. The world is made of it. How could anything grow without?

At times, the trees stand still, the snow turns to a bland drizzle, the flowers wither, and the shade vanishes before our eyes.

But eventually, these events meet it too. Then, the cycle continues.

Years p a  s   s    b     y…


Relationships g    r    o    w,    s - h - i - f - t,   and change...

I just hope we're meeting it in the right way.
Very much inspired by "the astronaut" by (Great, I forgot who wrote it :P)


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  • #LemonFanatic!

    RE: thanks for the tip. Don't worry I can take on anything. ;)

    15 days ago
  • The Dying Rose

    I love the way you wrote "falling", this is so amazing!

    15 days ago
  • BriRiley

    Re: Haha, Love that XD

    15 days ago
  • BriRiley

    “ They fall as we did from the throne of our mountain” i loved this part! such a cool concept!

    15 days ago