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By: Riley Noel


I am hidden in every mans 
I am there when all others have 
I am a prayer for a safe
I am rage when a friend 
I am a shield to a 
I am a spear to the 
I turn ordinary men into 
I am courage 

Message to Readers

I wrote this poem on the back of an english test when I finished early! ( I do this a lot) I would love to hear what you guys think of it comments and questions welcome and encouraged.

Peer Review

"I am rage when a friend falls." It describes a very powerful and raw emotion so simply while still converting the emotion.

It's very truthful.

What on your english test inspired you to write about courage and how it hides itself away?

Reviewer Comments

Overall great poem! Maybe you might want to be a little more detailed or vague with some of the lines (let the mind do a bit more guesswork?) but overall it is a great poem with a very truthful and realistic message about a trait that is often made to seem fake and like people are born with it. You really drive the point that courage relies on circumstance.