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"I still fall on my face sometimes and I
Can't color inside the lines 'cause
I'm perfectly incomplete
I'm still working on my masterpiece and I
I wanna hang with the greatest gotta
Way to go, but it's worth the wait"

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The River Roars

February 4, 2017


The wild river roars,
as it rushes past.
The trees bend 
with the wind.

The deep, dark forest 
surrounds you,
encases you,
makes you jump
at every sound.

You run
and run
and run,
till you no longer
know east from west.
South from north.
Love from hate.
Friend from foe.

You need to stop. 
Stop, to breathe, 
catch your breath.
Where are you?

A glow in the shadows
catches your eye.
A glint of hope.

A flicker from the mountains
makes you look at the sky.
A dream of things yet to come.

You close your eyes,
and inhale deeply,
and spin

Flipping through
the pages of your life. 

Slipping through
the pages of reality.

By the time
your eyelids open again,
the sun has fallen into the sea.

The snow on the mountain top
no longer reflects
it's golden hue.

In the sky,
now shines the moon.
And billion stars 
light up the world.

Everything's going to be



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  • Peppermint Lemonade

    I wasn't really sure where it was going when I started it, so it's kind of both, a cross between fantasy and reality.
    Thank you so much! Your comment made my day! :)

    over 4 years ago
  • jj1325

    I can't determine whether the character is actually lost in the woods or in her own head but either way it wowed me! This poem is relatable and just fantastic!

    over 4 years ago