Peer Review by muntaha wani (Pakistan)

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By: A_Whisper_in_the_wind


It’s erupts like
hot lava from an
active volcano.
Spreading like a
wildfire across the forest.
Carrying tales, 

As it is told from one 
person to another.
It hides behind our back
Like a shadow.
Following us
wherever we go.
Words flowing out 
as easily as waterfalls.
Whispers flying in the wind
baring stories , changed 
as easily as the tides.

This piece is about how gossip spreads and how it’s kinda like broken telephone. You start by saying something and when it gets to the other side of the room it’s completely the opposite. It’s kind of how gossip and rumors are. 
anyways love to know what you thought of this piece!! :) 

Peer Review

Whole piece was thought provoking

I love the idea of writing about gossip it is something everyone is into but no one pays attention to its after effects

Reviewer Comments

Keep writing
More power to you