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Dear Emily

June 12, 2015



Dear Emily,

I remember your final words to me, spoken in a laugh as we left lunch, “I’ll see you tomorrow Claire!” If only, if only… I clasp my old phone, still in a case I bought a few years ago while shopping with you. I press the ‘Call’ button on the screen. The dial rings several times before I hear your voice, “Hi, it’s Emily! I can’t come to the phone right now, please leave a message, bye!” It’s been 2 months since you died and I’m still calling your phone just to hear your voice again. You always said funerals we’re depressing and you were right as usual. Everyone wore black, your mother cried. So did I. I was waiting for you to hug me and tell me, “Everything’s going to be okay...” but it’s not okay. You’re gone and I won’t be able to see your bad dancing or hear your laugh to a cheesy joke from one of your favourite shows again. I wish you were here. Christmas wasn’t the same without you and I missed my best friend on New Year’s. I’ve waited a dozen tomorrows and I’ll wait a hundred more if I could see your beautiful face again. The other day I put too much milk into my coffee and broke for a few minutes because it was the same shade as your gorgeous eyes I used to see every day. My mother once told me, “Never wait to tell someone you love them, you might be too late.” Yeah… I guess I waited too long. Now I’ve missed my chance.


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