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The Forgotten Piano

June 12, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Light brown panels. Felt covered hammers. Silver wires. Three golden pedals. A stairway of ivory. Heavy wheels digging into the carpet. The fingerprints of movers left on the instrument.

A first pang of sound, thumped by an eager child. A C major scale, and then a G major scale. Basic music sounding from the strings. Soft sounds and loud sounds, piano and forte in the same waves, crescendos and diminuendos laying out on the keyboard. The shouts and complaints of a teacher to his student.Unpleasant bangs, false melodies, wrong rhythms,

botched masterpieces.

No sound for 6 days of the week. Sound for one hour on mondays. Agonizing pleas of


Slow and steady pulses of counting out loud. Beginnings of musicality. Perfect measures transforming into perfect lines transforming into perfect pages transforming into a song. Feverish learning. Desperate sounds, the same sequences repeated many times over.


A tune for the audience. Smooth notes and hard work. The applause of strangers. Pats on the back. Congratulations. The works of mozart and bach replaced by unfamiliar vibes. Foolish sounds with no reason, a mind at unrest. Mysteries and revelations in black and white. Comfort in sound. Being lost in sound. Speakers replacing strings and hammers. The shouts and laughs of a teacher no more. Mountains of old scores weighing down the top panel. Eighty eight keys of a Piano, a memory, silent, and collecting dust.


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  • David Levitsky

    This is just some prose poetry I wrote my sophomore year, the topic was about an object that had meaning. Any feedback would be great!

    almost 4 years ago