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Sunshine Rose Writer

United States

I have a thought process as rigorous as the most treacherous mountains in the world. Long car rides are my preferred setting for sitting down to write. I was born a writer, but I will die an author.

Message to Readers

Let me know what you think of my word choice; I am striving to create a better sense of imagery. Constructive criticism and positive feedback is always welcome and very much appreciated.

Rain. . .

June 10, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


And as the rain beats terror into the hearts of those under the clouds, the frightened children shiver and tremble in fear.  Not one can see through the blinding sheets.  Lost and alone without the comfort of warmth.  They are distanced from the heat of the sun and no soul is searching for them.  They are gone so far without the hope.  They must find their way out alone now.


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