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January 27, 2017

PROMPT: Newsworthy

Breaking news, today on the News we bring you a very small yet a quite sophisticated country, Singapore! Now, considering that the country is very very safe, what sort of things could happen there? You know Singapore is safe, you think there is no doubt about that. But will you be so sure after reading the first article? The wanted answer lies in this first article. 
Singapore Seventh 
Singapore is an undoubtedly safe country. It made 7th on the ranks this 2016. One rank up from 2015, however, 1 point down. In 2015, they made 8th with 85 points.(100 is the least corrupt country maximum.) Singapore is less corrupt than it was. Slightly more danger is awaiting 2017. A source from Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) has quoted said:" This result is consistent with the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC)’s 2016 Report on Corruption in Asia which ranked Singapore as the least corrupt country in Asia, a position we held since 1995. The CPIB will continue to battle corruption without fear or favor so as to uphold the highest level of integrity and incorruptibility in Singapore." We haven't lost hope yet. 

No More Little Land 
Singapore is growing bigger. Ok, true. There will be more space.  But they are truly two big cons to this plan. First of all, by taking land from the sea, some of that 2/3 water that earth has is getting cut off. Second, Singapore can only get so big. Singapore is so small, there's practically no room for criminals to hide in. But by making it bigger, more hiding places are created.
On the Go, On Track
Just over 6 months into the future, the Singapore football team is heading to Kuala Lumpur for the South-east Asia Games or also known as the SEA Games. This is a great opportunity or the Singapore football team. Back in November, they were "slammed in the face" at the AFF Suzuki Cup. But why do they have hope? Because of the technical director of the Football Association of Singapore(FAS), Michael Sablon. He is famous for his 2004 blueprint of, what Singapore called the "Golden Generation" of football players. "At the SEA Games, for the first time since I've been here, we will be trying to achieve a good result, while also focusing on good performance," Sablon said. Good luck Singapore!
That's all for today, folks. Goodbye!


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