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The Godling

June 9, 2015

Josiah’s arm throbbed and bled icy blue fluid as he rolled from the path of the charging beast. Coming out of the roll in a crouched position, the Godling grimaced in pain as he observed his assailant.

The creature was a large quadruped, standing at about two meters tall at the shoulder. Its rubbery, cream-coloured skin glistened with the moisture of an amphibian. The amphibian turned, revealing its wedge-shaped head and lack of ocular sockets. On the animal’s neck was a large sack that inflated to emanate a horrible, gurgling roar. All along the creature’s body were strange, bubbly growths that almost seemed unnatural. Sprouted from its head, back, and tail were fins. These fins and the brute’s webbed feet were clearly meant to help it move through the murky waters of its natural habitat more efficiently. However, it seemed to move clumsily while on land, a weakness Josiah made a mental note of.

Standing, the Godling attempted to make himself look as big and menacing as possible, stomping to issue a challenge to the Bull Grezka. In response, the Grezka aerated its throat-sack and roared back. Screaming back at the top of his lungs, Josiah prepared himself for the next charge.

The beast gurgled a roar again as it began charging, intending to catch Josiah in its venomous fangs and snap him in half. Josiah lowered himself and summoned his power, eyes glowing as the energy rushed through his body. The Grezka gaped its massive jaws, ready to feast. In reaction to the feral attack, Josiah swung his hands up and to the right, blasting the energy outwards from his hands and forming a kind of repelling barrier around them. The beast halted, momentum completely terminated by the dazing blow.

Josiah smirked cockily as the beast stumbled and shook its head as it recovered from the attack. Though, Josiah’s conceit was unfounded. Such a blow would not fell a full-grown Bull Grezka.

Suddenly, the monstrous amphibian leapt wildly at the Godling, pinning him to the ground under its body. It snapped its deadly jaws at Josiah, who responded by grasping its mucus-covered snout and mandible. Knowing his natural strength would not be enough, the Godling imbued himself with inhuman strength, only succeeding in halting the Grezka’s jaws.

Josiah felt his power leaving his body as he battled with the beast. Painfully aware of the doom that awaited him should he continue to confront the creature with brute strength, Josiah desperately grasped at what energy he had left. Visualizing his remaining power as arcs of electricity blasting outward from his body, Josiah channeled his remaining reserves outward. Crescents of electricity shot away from his body and into the Grezka, sending it sprawling to the ground.

Rising, Josiah retrieved his sword from where it had fallen when the Grezka clawed him. Approaching the fallen, twitching creature, he readied his blade, reversing his grip on the weapon. Looming above the paralyzed Grezka, Josiah lifted his sword and thrust it downward into the throat of the beast, ending its feeble twitches.

The Godling breathed heavily as he recovered from the just-resolved battle. Touching his arm, he used what scrap of his power he had left to heal the wound. Though deadly, the Grezka’s claws did not possess the venom its fangs did.

After cleaning his blade, Josiah gazed up at the sky, observing the darkened sky. For the past month, clouds had been gathering in the sky in all parts of Tarret, blotting out the sun and crackling with thunder. Rumours said the clouds came from the north mountains. And some even said they heard the sound of chanting echoing off the snow-covered peaks.

However, thunderclouds were not the only concerning thing spreading through the country. Uprisings and the unrest of animals had spread across the country. The riots said to have started over the smallest of things: a disagreement over the price of a well-bred hound, a fallen coin, or a brushed shoulder. Ruka - Josiah’s teacher - spoke of a legend that said these events to be the heralding of the return of the God Tyrant.

The God Tyrant had been defeated only some twenty years prior. Legend had it that when he was vanquished, his power flowed into the nearest newborn child, creating a Godling: Josiah. And the same legends said that twenty years later, the God Tyrant would rise again.And when he rose, he and the Godling would battle to determine the new ruler of the world.

Josiah pondered this as he lit a fire and prepared his dinner for the night. After his dinner of burned swamp toad, the Godling climbed to the branches of a nearby tree and slipped into an uncomfortable slumber, senses on edge at the prospect of further danger.


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