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By: Suri Purefoy


Everyhting seemed different then. The sky, the air, the people. Everything had been so much more. So much, much more valiant and cherishable. Now, all we have is nothing. Nothing. Nothing is a something, though. I've experienced it. Felt it soak into my heart and bury itself into my chest, filling me with its... something, whatever that something may be. 

I've felt the emptiness when we didn't have anything, not even a nothing. I've felt the blankness when we didn't know what anything was...what anything could be. We didn't know. 

Then it all changed. That one, one second that flooded through the gales of wind, blowing into our system and filling us with an actual something. 

I felt sorrow. I saw lives flash before my eyes, blinking in and out like a fast-note on the keys on piano. It was painful. It was horrid. I cried for teh first time ever. I felt things. I felt.

Then I felt the light. The bubbling, bright white light that streaked warmth into my chilly bones, cleansing me with something that no one had felt before. I felt happiness. I felt joy. 

It was hard at first. I couldn't control, I couldn't breathe. Then it all came clear. 

We needed the sorrow to find the joy.

We needed the pain to feel the happiness. 

We had been so empty, so blank before. Now it was full. 


Message to Readers

This is probably horrible and makes no sense. Thanks for reading though =) ;)

Peer Review

Reviewer Comments

I love it! I like how you went from pretty much no feeling, to sadness, to happiness, to a realization that you can't have happy feelings without the sad. It's like the main character is growing up and experiencing new emotions.