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The Little Brown House

June 8, 2015



Go to the little brown house on the corner of Oaklawn and Plainfield. No, not Northlawn.  Or Oakwood.  Oaklawn.  The house used to be blue, it was really cute.  If you hit Ann Street, you've gone too far.  It's the smallest house on Plainfield.  You can't miss it.  There are children running in and out of the front door, teenagers yelling on their skateboards, parents screaming for us to get out of the road.

You're welcome to come on in.  No, no! Don't knock, you'll make the dog bark and we'll never get her to shut up!  Come on in, it's almost dinner time, and we made too much again.  Hold hands, gather round.  Let's say prayers.  Did you get enough to eat?  There are still leftovers.  Here, take some home with you!

Welcome home, this is Mom, and that one's Dad.  Sorry about the mess.  We haven't had time to clean in the last three years or so.  Feel free to sit on the couch if you can find space.  Do you want some cherry pie?  Mom's cherry tree finally produced enough for two whole pies!

Are you leaving?  Here, let me walk you out.  Come back whenever you like, our door is always open!  Goodbye!


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