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June 12, 2015

A shriek found itself a ride on a cold nighttime wind current, blowing it far away from the lungs that expelled it.  It reached the ears of a teddy bear that flanked a sleeping form, but the child did not stir.  The Bear grew and became thick and strong.  Its muscles hardened and it tensed, waiting for something to come.  It's ears twitched, listening for the tell-tale shriek.  It peeled back its leather-like lips, revealing the sickly pointed teeth of a carnivore.  It growled and sank down on the other side of the child, in the direction of the window. 

Shadows flitted back and forth across the pane, making the tree outside scrape its branches against the glass.  The child behind the Bear whimpered and began to toss uncomfortably.  The shadows collected into a gruesome shape.  Its grotesquely long arms reached through the window and seized the sill, pulling itself underneath the crack where the window frame met the window sill.  The creature appeared to be squat, with angry, spindly horns rising from a mass of tangled, wire-like hair.  It grinned a macabre smile and fangs glittered out, thin and pin-like.  A flat, pointed tongue flicked out, tasting the child's dreams hungrily.  It was eager to devour the candy-coated thoughts and images that swirled in the slumbering child's mind.   It crouched low to the ground and the snow white Bear braced itself, narrowing its black eyes.  It anticipated the creature's first move.

The Nightmare launched itself at the seething Bear, opening its mouth wide, preparing to latch onto the Bear's soft neck.  The Bear countered the move with a deadly sidesweep of its massive paw.  The Nightmare flew to the ground and the Bear pounced upon it, silent and graceful as a cat toward its prey.  The child whined and tossed and turned in bed, gripping the blanket in fear.  The Bear sliced away at the Nightmare with it's razor claws, making sure that it would never reach the child.

The left-over slits of the Nightmare slipped out the way they had come, glaring at the Bear and wailing pitifully one last time before disappearing into the night.  The bear sniffed around the room, checking the closet and under the bed for shadow remnants.  Then, the large, powerful Bear folded down next to the trembling child, melting once more into the small, soft teddy bear.  The child felt for the bear with sleepy hands, held it tight and lay still, dreaming only sweet dreams until the morning sun chased the city's shadows deep into their corners.



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