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April 7, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The blanket was as soft as silk and fluffy as clouds. The smooth fabric rubbed against her cheek. JuRay grasped a handful of the cloth in her fists, squeezed, then rolled over onto her side. 
She opened her eyes, creating little slits on her face. The room was a dull color, mainly from the window being draped over with a torn cloth. One patch of sunlight, bright and a strange shape, shined through the drape, lighting a spot on her bed. 
Ju sat up, blinking the morning spots out of her dazed eyes. 
The floorboards creaked as she stumbled out of the covers, across her cluttered bedroom floor, and down the hallway towards the bathroom.
It was empty. Thankfully, that most likely meant that Drudge had already left for work. 
It was there as usual; the mirror. It gazed down at her with haughty displeasure, taunting her to look up. Ju knew the game far too well, so she kept to her one basic rule: don’t look up. 
And that is exactly what JuRay did as she went about her morning business. 
After getting dressed from a refreshing warm-water shower, Ju stepped into the mirror’s visory, knowing that she had to let her rule slide at that moment. 
She looked up. 
The girl in the mirror looked at her with disdain. She had wet brown hair, thick and puffy even though it was dripping water. Her skin was a plush olive that was almost golden and glowing. A dark chocolate brown eye, full with thick black lashes and a large eris, sat on the girl’s  face, on the right side. The left side of her face was not so fortunate with beauty. 
From the girl’s forehead and all the way across the bridge of her wide nose and to the corner of her lip, there sat a black gash. Gray and silvery flecks could be seen in the black unnaturalness running down her face. The gash was deep, almost cutting to bone. Black veins crawled out from the wound like spider webs, inching in an almost delicate pattern across the teenager’s face. The veins ran from the wound and out. Some could be seen on her nose, some on her lips. But the worst and most noticeable were the ones that cut into her eyeball. 
They crawled onto the top of her eyelid. The left eyeball was of a disorienting color. Just  a little over half of her eris was a purplish black and brown bruised color of the veins. It then slowly cut off with the veins getting smaller until they disappeared, leaving the rest of the eyeball the natural pretty brown. But that wasn’t pretty at all, not when all you really saw was the black ugliness that inhabited her face. 
JuRay scowled at her reflection. She knew she was ugly, everyone knew she was. She’d gotten enough fowl reminders of her distasteful appearance from her fellow peers at school and the scared and disgusted looks of strangers on the streets. She was ugly. That was that. Ju, having clearly enough of punishment from the mirror, turned, slipped her gloves on over her fingers, then marched out of the bathroom.


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