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August 12, 2014

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{Second Post}

Hello again!

In case you have no idea what you are currently reading, this is a little experiment of mine: a "blog", where I "post" informal writing that will suit whatever my interests.

So, who am I? Yes, my bio will tell you that I am a busy chocolate-obsessed human being, but really, have you ever wondered who I really am? That's the problem with social media these days. It's so easy to just adopt a certain "personality" and keep at it. The other person at the other end may never know you truly are. For example, what would it be like to be around one of my followers for a day? Would he/she be friendly or annoying? What does he/she normally do? Any habits? So let's get around this by zooming into my normal life. Abstract, but simple. Ask yourself this question: what would this "Sasha K. Lotnikee" be doing on a normal, leisurely, Saturday morning?

So, you asked. Leisurely? I've never met a day in my life when it was full of leisure. There's always something to do. Either way, on a normal Saturday morning, I would probably be volunteering at the community center in my neighbourhood, probably working with adorable little children. After I'm done with my work, I usually return home in the mid-morning. Then, it's always up to my room catching up on missed homework because of procrastination during the week. Of course, with easy access to chocolate bars. My brain gets no mercy in it's hard mental workout. It's only break is when I take a moment to hack off a huge chunk of chocolate with my teeth. And in the late afternoon, I go out for a long jog in the park to let out my tension during the day. So that is my day full of work. Which is about 10 out of 11 Saturdays in a year.

Downtime’s are rather rare. Most of the time when I'm feeling lazy, I try to indulge my severe Scratch addiction. I mean, what's more fun than going onto another active computer programming community, virtually meeting new people, testing my creativity and my logic skills, and simply having fun. I guess you could say it's a good addiction. Or when I'm not feeling socially or electronically challenged, curling up with a novel eating chocolate. Ah, chocolate. I can't simply express the amazing-ness of chocolate. It is it's own food category itself. And it's not just a food, it's a relationship and a feeling. Yes, I'm strange, aren't I? When my mind feels especially random or wacky, I go online and compile a list of every single possible chocolate filling combination and make up new ones. And then if I feel like it, go onto Scratch and make a project about it.

This sounds strange, introducing myself after being on this site for over 5 months. But it's nice to know after five months how your followers (or the people you're following) think and what they truly love doing. After all, everything is best expressed in an essay.

~ S.K.L.

Postscript: My next post will be TBD.

  • In case you do not know, this is my Writer's Blog, where I will "post" informal writings of whatever I choose. I hope you enjoy what I have written so far! :) If you wish to revise any of my works, simply specify what you are reviewing when you are providing one. Thank you so much and happy writing! ~ S.K.L.


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