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August 10, 2014

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Hello everyone!

Due to the fact that Write the World does not supply more than one free write or open prompt, I have decided to create my own "blog", where I will overwrite the past piece of writing I have written and start over with something new. It will look something like a blog with the other published versions before underneath the writing.

I've been on Write the World for nearly six months, and I think it is time to start anew, which means I will simply unfollow those who have not been active (I will refollow them as soon as they write something). I, however, will not unfollow anyone following me, since I feel guilty doing so :) Please do not be offended or insulted at all if I unfollow you. If you have written something, I will surely follow you again. I might unpublish some of my works, and as always, I will continue adding new ones.

I hope you have liked what I've been writing so far, and have had as much fun reading them as I have been writing them. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, S.K.L.


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