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The Artists Sword

By: Dare to Dream

PROMPT: Becoming Human

The pen is the sword of the artist
Wield it with courage and faith
When placed on the paper the ink begins to flow 
The black strokes controle its fate
It moves on its own condition
Willing its creator to do the same

Through its life it allows others to grow
Producing a child 
Through the love between pen and paper
Working tirelessly until perfection is achieved
Each with a different style, and color

Humble yet Bold
Merciless yet Forgiving
Daring yet Composed

Yet we not see the sacrifice 
That pen makes for the good of intentions 
For love notes, and term papers, and best selling books 
It revels itself for the best of us 
until every last drop is exposed 

It lives for the happiness of people 
Pouring out its sole for the creation of others 
It doesn't run dry till the very last drop 
As it dies it gets no credit 
For the accomplishments its made 

Nobody cares about the pen 
As its thrown away 
And forgotten by all. 


Peer Review

"The pen is the sword of the artist / Wield it with courage and faith" and "Producing a child / Through the love of pen and paper" The metaphor of a pen and a sword is really meaningful and the thought of how a weapon like a sword, powerful but only used best when the wielder is skillful, would compare to a pen, which similarly bends to the will of a writer.

Examples of anthropomorphism in the poem give what is easily discarded as mundane writing, human characteristics. It gives life and motion the ink, the pen, and the paper, giving it a story behind the words. Words such as "humble", "bold", "merciless", etc. does a great job in humanizing these objects.

Reviewer Comments

The metaphors and personification in this poem is really nice and well thought of. I would suggest proofreading it for simple grammar mistakes though. Great job!